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Facebook Flash Sale Formula

Facebook Flash Sale Formula

by kobura02
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1 – Start Here

Note From The Authors

headshotHi all, I’m the Director of Traffic here at Digital Marketer and I’ll guide you through this execution plan.

I started from scratch, so if that’s you… don’t worry. I began at Digital Marketer as an intern with hardly any knowledge of digital marketing. Over the past two years I’ve gained valuable experience that I can’t wait to share with all of you inside this execution plan.

I craft, test, and implement numerous media campaigns daily so that we can share with you what works and what doesn’t. This saves you time and money and allows me to consume a plethora of knowledge in which I can share.

In this Execution Plan, I’ll be the ins and outs of running traffic from Facebook to a Flash Sale.

It will be up to you to “execute” on this Execution Plan.
 But if you do the hard work, the sky is the limit.

Molly Pittman
Director of Traffic
Digital Marketer

russI’ve been in the digital marketing space since 2004 and I’m thrilled to be your guide throughout this Execution Plan.

I’ve run digital marketing strategy and tactics for multi-billion dollar companies like Salesforce.com and a small SAAS company called CrazyEgg.com.

I’ve built and managed digital strategies for dozens of B2B and B2C businesses – large and small.

In this Execution Plan I’ll be walking you through the strategy and tactics needed to activate buyers using a Flash Sale.


Let’s get started!

Russ Henneberry
Director of Editorial
Digital Marketer


Understand What a Flash Sale Looks Like

Understand When to Use Flash Sales

Understand Why Flash Sales Work

Understand Ascension


2 – Create The Landing Page


Write the Landing Page Copy or Script

If you’re a Digital Marketer Lab member, access the following Execution Plans to write your landing page copy or script:

Build the Landing Page

Use Software to Build Your Funnel

3 – Send Email

How to Use This Section


  • Flash Sale Email Template – This is the Flash Sale email campaign from The Machine email training course.  Copy, paste and customize this template to drive traffic to your Flash Sale landing page.
  • OuttaTimr Software – Upload this .zip file as a plug-in for WordPress.  Your timer will be built and hosted on the server of your WordPress website.  Timers built using this WordPress plug-in can then be placed in your emails.  Click here for more information about installing WordPress plug-ins.

Send Email 1


Send Email 2


Send Email 3


4 – Run Facebook Ads

Use Facebook Offers

this video is excerpted from our Native Ad Academy training course.


  • Image Dimensions:  400 X 209 pixels

Turn Your Facebook Offers into Paid Ad Campaigns


Clicks to Website Facebook Ad Campaigns

5 – Measure the Flash Sale Funnel

Flash Sale Funnel Measurement

The Last Word

Congratulations!  You’ve come a long way.

Now, get out there and create a Flash Sale!

And, if you have questions or comments about this Execution Plan, let us know in theDigital Marketer Engage Facebook Group.

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