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Set Up Your Shopify Store in a Weekend

Set Up Your Shopify Store in a Weekend

by kobura02
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1 – Start Here


About Ezra Firestone

Ezra Firestone is the co-creator of the revolutionaryChannelizer Method – a fully proven training program that gives users a concrete method to create, manage and dominate Amazon.com and other e-commerce marketplaces. Ezra runs a private network of e-commerce websites and regularly consults for companies across the U.S and Canada. He is also the founder and creative director of SmartMarketer, an information hub for do-it-yourself entrepreneurs.

Ezra’s e-commerce and online businesses have given him the freedom of resources needed to help his community through non-profit work. As the head of We Are Family Manhattan, an all-volunteer, no cost of administration non-profit organization, Ezra organizes the re-distribution of surplus goods and food to those in need.

Some of you may already be familiar with this Execution Plan. This lesson is taken from the Channelizer Method Bonus Module 1 and will mostly be hosted by Nick from SmartMarketer.



Try and remember a time when an entire shopping experience (outside of grabbing your morning coffee) was conducted offline. As much as we all want to believe the 1990s were just “10 years ago,” e-commerce is no longer a luxury, or even a secondary part of most businesses. The reality is that anyone looking to sell today needs to establish an online store.

And, those who haven’t yet done so are WOEFULLY behind the times.

Despite a bad economy, the average growth of e-commerce is roughly 25% per year. For small business owners, this is even more dramatic, as those who maintain a Web presence can, on average, attribute nearly 30% of their profits from online sales.

But, statistics aside, the real beauty of having an online store is just how easy it is use. You don’t need to be a major retailer or online giant or succeed in online sales. You just need a shop, products to sell, and the drive and know-how to bring customers to your site.

In this Execution Plan, we have provided a video roadmap to walk you through the process of building your very own Shopify store.

On these pages, you will learn:

  • How easy it is to establish and build a Shopify store.
  • Step-by-step details for testing your store for optimized use.
  • How to set up your checkout gateways and tax settings so you’re ready for business.
  • How to build comprehensive analytics and tracking to learn what’s working, and where your profit comes from.
  • Customization tips to ensure your site is easy to use, building trust with buyers.
  • Best practices for setting up product pages, category pages and meta descriptions.

….and much more!

The title of this Execution Plan is “Set Up Your Shopify Store in a Weekend.” It might sound far-fetched, but if you adhere to the process and follow-through steps detailed in this Execution Plan, you’ll have the information you need to launch a functional, expandable Shopify store that is just ripe with possibility for success.

Make no mistake – it’s a lot of work. But after your store is launched, your options are endless. Not a bad way to spend a weekend.


Markets & Products

Many of you interested in this Execution Plan already have an existing products business that you’re interested in taking online.

Many others will already have a particular idea of what kind of products you want to sell, or at least what market you’d like to be in.

If so, we still recommend taking this step to see how your planned or existing products stack up on Ezra’s Market Criteria Checklist.

If not, don’t worry!  Watch the following How To Find Market Ideas video:

Internet Retailer

Watch Count

Click Here to download the Market Criteria Checklist

For additional information about the Market Criteria Checklist, see Ezra’s in depth explanation of the checklist in the Challenge Day 6 video listed in the Bonus: Brown Box Formula Challenge step.

2 – Getting Started

Building Your Core Platform

In this video Ezra introduces the core platform, Shopify, and how to order your basic pages.

Download your Shopify Store Core Pages PDF.

Setting Up Google Analytics

Ezra covers how to setup Google Analytics goals in your Shopify store.

Shopify Settings Overview

In this video Ezra covers a collection of small, but important, settings that you don’t want to miss when setting up your store.

Shopify Core Tactics

Ezra covers some tricks and tactics to increase conversions on your Shopify store.

3 – How to Set Up Your Shopify Store

Activating Your Shopify Store

In this step, Nick, with SmartMarketer, walks you through how to activate your Shopify store for the first time.

The Shopify Dashboard

Nick’s back, and in this video he gives you a quick orientation on the Shopify dashboard.

Shopify General Settings

In this video you’ll learn how to change the general settings, like Store Name, Meta Description, Phone Number, etc. for your store.

Setting Up Taxes on Your Store

Nick will show you how to enter, or adjust, your sales tax percentage in Shopify.

Changing Your Notification Settings

You’ll learn how to update the automatic notifications that customers receive from your store in this video.

Adjusting Your Checkout Settings

In this video you’ll learn how to adjust the settings that specifically effect the checkout process for your customers.

Changing Your Domain Settings

Nick shows you how to add, or update, a custom domain to your Shopify store.

Setting Up Payment Gateways

This video covers the options for processing payments that are available to you through the Shopify platform.

4 – Managing Your Product(s)

How to Upload a Product

You’ll learn how to add your first product, and a basic description, into your store.

Setting Up Product Shipping

Accurate shipping rates are incredibly important to conversion, and you’ll learn how to set yours correctly in this video.

Shopify Product Options

You’ll learn how to add various options (color, size, etc) for one product.

How to Set Up Product Categories

In this video you’ll learn how to associate different products together by category.

5 – Navigating Your Shopify Store

How to Set Up Your Additional Pages

Nick is back to show you how to set up non-product pages for your store.

Configuring Your Navigation Menus

Learn how to setup and manage your Shopify store’s navigation menus in this video.

How to Change Your Theme

In this video Nick shows you how you can install a completely new theme to your store.

How to Edit Your Theme

You may want to adjust various elements of your store theme, and Nick will show you how you can do that in this video.

How to Start or Change Your Billing Plan

Nick shows you how you can adjust your billing plan from inside your Shopify account.

6 – Launching Your Store

Testing Your Shopify Store

Nick covers some final items to test, how to manage customer accounts, and how to launch your store for customer interaction.

The Final Touches

In this video Nick will show you how to do a quick walk-through of your store to make sure your initial setup is correct and you will have successfully created your Shopify store in a weekend! Congrats! The hard work paid off, didn’t it?

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