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20-Point Offer Optimization Checklist

20-Point Offer Optimization Checklist

by kobura02
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1 – Start Here

Test each of these elements on every offer you make.

Understand CVO

This is the most critical step in this Execution Plan.

Understanding the greater strategy or context in which your offer fits is the difference between the frustrated, broke marketer and the successful, money-making marketer.

The greater strategy is called Customer Value Optimization or CVO.

Your first step is to understand how your offer fits into the CVO strategy.

I urge you to begin by reading the article entitled, Customer Value Optimization: How to Build an Unstoppable Business  Read it multiple times.  Commit it to memory.

Print the CVO Process graphic that is available as a resource in the article.  Pin the CVO Process document to the wall next to your workstation.

Every time you lose your way with your offer (or any other marketing tactic) look at the CVO Flowchart document.  It will remind you of the greater strategy and put you back on track.

Please, if you do nothing else with this Execution Plan, read this article now.

How To Use This Execution Plan

There’s nothing more critical than the offer and how you present it.

As a result, you should test, test, test… and then test some more.

This Execution Plan is a checklist of items we test on every offer.  And, while every offer is different, this is the general order in which we test elements of an offer.

We use Visual Website Optimizer to test elements of a web page.  You can see a complete list of tools we use at Digital Marketer on our Resources Page.

Are you ready to start testing?  Let’s go!


Download the Offer Optimization Checklist Here

2 – Checklist

#1: The Headline

Write 25 headlines pick the best 4 or 5 and test them.

You can steal some headlines from our Headline Swipe File below.


Headline Swipe File

Steal This Headline Swipe File To Get More Clicks

7 Proven Headline Formulas That Convert (And why the work)

#2: Product Deliverables

If you are delivering digital products test the following:

  • Course length
  • Number of modules
  • Memberships
  • Bonuses and Premiums

If you are delivering physical products test the following:

  • Size
  • Quantity
  • Shipping Options
  • Bonuses

#3: Graphics (if any)

If you have graphics above the fold (top 25% of the screen) the first thing you should test is removing them. If you’re using pictures of people test:

  • Color vs. black and white
  • Male vs. female
  • Old vs. young
  • Ethnicity, etc.

#4: Sub-headline

Write 10 sub-headlines, pick the best 3 and test them.

You can steal headlines from our Headline Swipe File.


Headline Swipe File

Steal This Headline Swipe File To Get More Clicks

7 Proven Headline Formulas That Convert (And why the work)

#5: Lead

If your sales copy starts out positive, test negative, if it starts out with a story, test direct and vice versa.


6 Battle-Tested Landing Page Openings that Consistently Sell More

#6: Guarantee

Test the length of your guarantee… 30, 60, 90 days. Test the wording… if you have a 90 day guarantee test calling it a 3 month guarantee, if you have a 1 year guarantee, test calling it a 365 day guarantee.

#7: Scarcity

Test date driven scarcity (this discount expires on XX/XX/XXXX), test unit scarcity (only XX more available at this price), test using scarcity versus not having any scarcity at all.

#8: VSL Vs. Long-Form

Test delivering your sales message with traditional long form written sales copy versus power point style video sales letter.


Video Sales Letter Formula

#9: VSL Voice

If the video sales letter wins, test the “voice” of the video sales letter. Test male vs. female, older vs. younger, accents, etc.


Video Sales Letter Formula

#10: VSL Speed

Test speeding up the video by 10% – 15%.


Video Sales Letter Formula

#11: VSL Volume

Test lowering the spoken audio volume on your video sales letter to increase engagement.

#12: Buy Button Time

Is your buy (or add to cart) button visible immediately? You should test not hiding this versus hiding it and then test the display time. Test “popping” your button at the call to action, the price reveal at the first big “ahh ha!” moment in your video… If you really know your analytics you can also test popping it just before the point in the video where most viewers leave.


Video Sales Letter Formula

#13: Buy Button Color

Orange, Yellow and Green are all good to test… be careful with red though.  RESOURCES:  How To Design Call-To-Action Buttons That Convert

#14: Buy Button Text

Sometimes getting cute can really cost you… so what do you say? Test things like “Add To Cart” “Buy Now”, “Get Instant Access”… anything but “Submit”


  How To Design Call-To-Action Buttons That Convert

#15: Headline Above Video

Should your headline be the first slide on your video sales letter or be written above the actual video? This will depend a lot on your head and lead… are you going blind?… telling a story?… leading with a big benefit?… Give it a test either way; this can give you a big boost in conversion.

#16: Background Color

Black is a good control and will win more often than not but shouldn’t be over used… test white, blue and even static images too.

#17: Auto Play vs. Click-To-Play

If you’re using a traditional direct response video sales letter (not a demo video for software but just a video on a page) auto play will almost always win… However, if your page has other elements and copy you should definitely test this.


Video Sales Letter Formula

#18: VSL vs. Doodle Video

Doodle videos are highly engaging, but they don’t always out-perform ordinary video sales messages. Once you have a winning video message, though, test it as doodle animation and see if it doesn’t give you a bump. (TIP: Usually story-based copy performs better as a doodle than direct sales copy.)


Video Sales Letter Formula


#19: Options

It’s common to offer multiple levels and pricing options when selling products and services online, but we’ve found that single-option offers tend to work the best. That’s certainly not always the case, though, so test having a Good/Better/Best or Silver/Gold/Platinum vs. a single option to see if you don’t get a bump in conversions and/or average customer value.


How to Increase Online Sales by 600%

#20: Price

Of all the variables on this list, none will have more impact than price… and that’s exactly why we wait until the end to test it. Testing price is simple: Start as low as you can stand and work your way up until you get resistance.

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