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The 16-Point Landing Page Checklist

The 16-Point Landing Page Checklist

by kobura02
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Landing Pages are fundamental to digital marketing. Each time you build one go through this 16-point checklist to give your landing page the best chance to succeed.

1 – Start Here

Understand CVO

This is the most critical step in this Execution Plan.

Understanding the greater strategy or context in which landing pages fit is the difference between being frustrated and distracted by landing pages and using them to successfully make money.

The greater strategy is called Customer Value Optimization or CVO.

Your first step is to understand how landing pages fit into the CVO strategy.

I urge you to begin by reading the article entitled, Customer Value Optimization: How to Build an Unstoppable Business  Read it multiple times.  Commit it to memory.

Print the CVO Process graphic that is available as a resource in the article.  Pin the CVO Process document to the wall next to your workstation.

Every time you lose your way with landing pages (or any other marketing tactic) look at the CVO Flowchart document.  It will remind you of the greater strategy and put you back on track.

Please, if you do nothing else with this Execution Plan, read this article now.

How to Get the Most Out of your Execution Plan

How To Use This Execution Plan

Landing Pages are fundamental to digital marketing.

Each time you build one go through this 16-point checklist to give your landing page the best chance to succeed.

You can download and print the entire checklist below.

Let’s get started!


16-Point Landing Page Checklist

2 – Checklist

Market Callout

Your visitor needs to know they’re in the right place, so make sure you call out to them either directly (i.e. Attention: ______) or indirectly with recognizable images and vocabulary. Here’s an example from Falcon Social.  Notice how they use a Callout to the Enterprise level business…


In this example from Trunk Club, the use of language and images “calls out” to the audience.


Clear and Concise

The best landing pages have a single message and make a single offer. Make sure your landing page isn’t trying to do too much. The goal for the Brain Power Game Plan book landing page is clear — Order Free for 21 Days.


Easily Understood

If a visitor can’t figure out what you’re offering in 5 seconds or less, you’ll lose them. Perform the 5-second test with friends or colleagues and make sure your landing page passes. Quick!  What’s being offered in 5 seconds or less on this landing page from Synthesis web hosting?


Compelling Headline

You need a clear, concise, benefit-rich headline that grabs your reader’s attention and tells them they’ve come to the right place. Count the number of benefits in this headline from the battle tested Pimsleur Language landing page


CTA Above the Fold

Most of your visitors won’t scroll below the fold, so if you’re make a free offer, give them a chance to take action without scrolling. Here’s what is “above the fold” on a 15″ laptop on this Moz landing page


Contrasting Button Color

There’s a lot of debate about button colors, but one constant is that the button color should contrast (NOT blend in) with the surrounding design elements. Notice how Freshbooks uses green buttons for Calls-To-Action that contrast nicely with the blue…


Custom Button Text

“Submit” is not good enough. Test button text that gives a specific command or speaks to the end result (i.e. “Free Instant Access”). This button from the testing geeks over at Basecamp is 9 words long…


Social Proof

Social share icons, “As seen on” logos, testimonials, or referencing the number of downloads/ subscribers all let your visitors know they’re making a smart decision by opting-in. See how the folks over at Team Treehouse incorporate social proof into their sales page…


Limited Navigation

The landing page should not distract the visitor with the ability to navigate away from the page.

In this example from Pimsleur Language learning the visitor either converts or leaves.  There are no other options.

There is only one other link on the page and that is to their affiliate program.


Uses Visual Cues

The landing page should incorporate arrows, boxes and other visual devices to draw the eye to the call-to-action area. Even a simple arrow pointing at the desired call-to-action can boost conversions…


Hero Shot

Typically an image or graphical representation of the lead magnet will bump conversions, but not always. So start with it as a control, but make a note to test without it also. Notice how Joe Polish prominently features an image of the Free Report he is giving away…


Limited Form Fields

Don’t ask for information you don’t need! If you only plan to followup via email, just ask for name and email, at most. (In fact, test dropping the name field, too, if you don’t plan to personalize your followup messages.) Conversions on this landing page would almost certainly skyrocket if they remove some of the fields in the form.


Source Congruency

The text and imagery on the landing page should match (ideally exactly) the text and imagery that was in whatever ad or creative that brought the visitor to the landing page. Notice how congruent the ad and landing page are in this promotion from Purina…


Brand Consistency

You don’t have to stick your logo on every landing page, but the overall look and feel should be consistent with your core brand. This is the home page for Birchbox.  Notice how the page is branded…


And this is a landing page deeper within the Birchbox site maintaining a similar brand…


Enable Sharing

While landing pages don’t typically go viral, some of your more altruistic visitors will click Facebook and Twitter share buttons, so make it easy and obvious for them to do it. Chili’s restaurants encourages social sharing in two places on this landing page…


Visible Privacy Policy and TOS

Not only are privacy policies and terms of service required to advertise on some sites (including Google), they’re also good for conversions. The tested Miller’s Money Forever offer links to a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use in the footer…


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